Concern for the environment

Concern for the environment is still being developed. It can be expected that companies in the years have to interpret to this increasingly. Especially when it comes to dealing with hazardous substances will closely on environmental health and safety concern.

Manufacturing companies have to register their waste, energy consumption and emissions. It must be demonstrated how the power consumption compared to production development. The goal is cost savings through efficient use of raw materials and energy and reduce waste

Especially when it comes to providing administrative license  an environmental system is very important The norm in the Netherlands , the international standard ISO 14000, is often used.

Besides the development of an environmental management system  QESH Consult can also support and advise on:

• the application or renewing of your license

o)  supervising procedures, act as interlocutor to the competent authority, testing the rules

• the preparation of a waste savings

o) inventory of waste and your processes, mapping of prevention options versus feasibility

• an inventory of your hazardous materials

o) an inventory of your hazardous substances, present specifications and process this    orderly

. guidance on certification
o prepare and support internal audits, supervision of the certifying authority

• combi care (quality, health, safety and environment)

o) assist in the integration of comb-care by integrating aspects into an existing system or    by creating a new combined system

• automation of your management system

o) QESH Consult has good experience with the program Square and will be happy to show you a demo


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