The design and implementation of a management system requires a lot of specific knowledge, experience and understanding and time. QESH Consult can support you in setting up a (combined) management system and its implementation within your business.

If you do not want to set up a whole system of care and implement you can choose to further develop a number of elements of a health care system. This can eg. A measurement and registration may or may not complete with the applicable standards, a manual of procedures and instructions and / or a policy.

QESH Consult can be of service to you by:

counseling / support in quality issues (ISO, HACCP, etc.)

counseling / support in OHS matters (ohsas, business plan assistance, risk assessment and evaluation, etc.)

counseling / support in environmental matters (ISO, licensing, conflict with environmental services, energy plans, etc)

assisting in matters of Labour, VWA and Environment

performing various types of audits

providing various training tailored to your business

advising / supporting the preparation and packaging declarations correct labeling

counseling / support in hetopstellen a good specification for your product

Forms of support

Supervised by QESH Consult provides you the opportunity to determine how much time you put into setting up the management system. A distinction is made between three forms of guidance:
limited guidance
QESH Consult advises and guides you while you yourself the management / issue works out and implements.

Detailed guidance
QESH Consult occupies a large part of the executive work on his behalf and operates the entire system on the basis of information from your organization.

QESH Consult come to work a fixed number of hours within your organization for a certain period and set in consultation with the relevant disciplines within your organization’s management / issue and maintains it.

If you want more information about this topic, please contact QESH Consult.