Who are we ?

Qesh Consult is a young and dynamic company with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of quality (Quality), the environment (Environment), safety (Safety) and occupational health and safety (Health).ut having compromising the efficiency of your business.

My experience I (Judith Sabelis - Vermeulen) over the years to build and expand around with various employers. I worked in various industries, ranging from a trading house in biological raw materials to a manufacturer in soft drinks to VIP and business catering company. Because of this diversity, I have had the chance and caught to develop myself very wide and to gain experience.

For example: designing, implementing and certify an ISO 14001, ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP system

applying for various grants for health, safety and environment
waste costs by 30% lowered
advisory role in the application for various permits
interlocutor with various government agencies
Lead Auditor ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP
advisory role in the construction of a cold storage room for flammable items
active role in several industry organizations

This experience I can now use to advise you as a potential client in a professional manner and support wherever you want. On the GUIDE, you can see at a glance which QESH Consult can be of service. To ensure that you can work efficiently and flexibly, QESH Consult can take a load off your hands. QESH Consult ensures you keep the overview and can engage with the core business of your company. This is done in an orderly manner with minimal use of paper.

This way you are guaranteed to achieve and maintain your certificates and meet legislation witho

Judith Sabelis - Vermeulen